About Us

At e-FunSoft Studio, we create fun and enjoy casual games for everyone. Our approach is to develop games of familiar genres such as match-3, time management, and hidden objects and add some twists to the existing standard and engaging storyline to get our players absorbed in the atmosphere of each of our titles. Since the beginning of our business, our motto has been to produce easy, simple games to learn, yet fun and challenging over time. To achieve this goal, we make sure that we add enough dynamic flow to the level design, and unlock new helpful tools and exciting elements as the player progresses.

Our team consists of creative people who handle each production step enthusiastically and professionally, from the very beginning design part of the game development, the story and character creation, graphics creation, programming, level design, and final polishing and quality assurance – until each title is approved for official release. We also have a dedicated native scriptwriter who understands popular cultures, historical facts, and even mythology to ensure that each theme we choose for a title will have the best and most suitable final result as intended, for our audience. Not to mention our talented voice actors and actresses bringing our game characters to life.

Finally, our ultimate passion is to provide our audience with the best digital entertainment possible, and we aim to build games for multiple platforms, from PC to mobile.